Usu Leut vo Jagoda
(Our People from Yagodnaya Polyana)

Usu Leut is a family forum uniting all interested in Yagodnaya Polyana and its daughter colonies. Usu Leut has been published twice a year since January 1980.  The first editor was Richard Scheuerman, and the late William L. Scheirman was the editor for almost 20 years. The current Editor is Kris Ball. Subscriptions can be sent to the Patrice Miller. The annual subscription is $2.50 US ($3.00 Canadian or foreign rates).


Vol 1, No.1 (1980)

Frederick Lust of Russia Visit to Endicott, WA (1)
New AHSGR Chapter in Endicott, WA
YP Family Name List
How YP Was Started (1)

Vol 1, No.2

Recap of 1st USU LEUT Issue
Frederick Lust WA Visit (2)
Initial YP Map
Reunion News
How YP Was Started (2)
Obituary - Katherine Daubert Scheuerman - Pine Island, NY

Vol 1, No.3

Holiday Season
How YP Was Started (3)
Proposed Tour to Germany and Russia
USU LEUT Subscriber Distribution
Tribute to Pioneers
Obituary - Katherine Daubert Scheuerman - Pine Island, NY

Vol 2, No.1 (1981)

Story of Oshkosh
Schmick Reunion in Spokane, WA
How YP Was Started (3)
Peter B. Scheirman Family History

Vol 2, No.2

Legend of Little York - S. Yungman
Anna Weitz of Colfax, WA
Recipe - Weitz
Germans on the Volga - Kromm (1)
Anna M. Schaadt

Vol 3, No.1 (1982)

YP Map
Germans on the Volga - Kromm (2)
Recipe - Weitz
Parochial Certificate

Vol 3, No.2

Letters from Volga c/o P. Coulter
Germans on the Volga - Kromm (3)
William Scheirman
Confirmation Certificate
Map of YP - Richard Scheuerman

Vol 4, No.1 (1983)

Schoental, Kansas
Schmick Reunion, MD
Peter Brack Autobiography
US Center for World Missions
Bob Lust Letter
Obituary - Henry Ruhl

Vol 4, No.2

Story of Preston, Maryland
Volga German Farm Year

Vol 5, No.1 (1984)

John Kleweno - YP to Kansas
John Kleweno Family
Russian German Dialects - W. Keel
YP and Its Colonies

Vol 5, No.2

Immigration from Hesse - Esselborn (1)
YP Dialect
YP Wolf Story in Dialect

Vol 6, No.1 (1985)

Visit to Hesse - M. Kaye
Wilhelm Scheuermann in YP
Wilhelm Scheuermann Letters
YP Wolf Story in Dialect (2)

Vol 6, No.2

YP Colony in Argentina - Elizabeth Scheuerman
Aunt Katherina of Siberia - F. Hoynoski
YP Wolf Story in Dialect (3)

Vol 7, No.1 (1986)

Little Russia in Portland - Pauline Scheirman Coulter
Early Years in America - Pauline Scheirman Coulter
Sampling Old Hessian German - R. Kaiser and Alf Poffenroth (1)
Singing Farmer - Terry Sch euerman
Present Day Germans in Russia
Poffenroth Reunion (1977)

Vol 7, No.2

Emigration from Hesse - Esselborn (2)
Notes on YP and its Colonies
Sampling Old Hessian German (2)
Baltimore Memories - W.B. Lust

Vol 8, No.1 (1987)

Living Yagoders at 100
The Village of YP in 1894 - Gonyasinsky
YP Then and Now - A. Bishel
Families of Oshkosh, WI

Vol 8, No.2

Map of Saratov Area - US Defense Mapping Agency, Washington DC
Emigration from Hesse (3)
History of Drummer Dove - R. Kornschuh Bierig (1)
Families of Oshkosh (2)
Family Reunions

Vol 9, No.1 (1988)

Glimpse In The Past (Hesse) David Scheirman
1000 Years of ChristianityMore Living Yagoders
Legend of Sophia
Our Family - K. Dippel Hardy (1)
History of Drummer Dove (2) 
Family Reunion

Vol 9, No.2

I Grew Up in YP - J. Fuchs
Emigration from Hesse (4)
Our Family - K. Dippel Hardy (2)

Vol 10, No.1 (1989)

The Kromms of YP - G. Kromm 
Soviet Germans

Vol 10, No.2

Letters from Russia and KS to KS, OR, and WA - 1870s, 1880s (1)
YP People in Oshkosh - 1989
Memories of Neu Yagodnaya - R. Kornshuh Bierig
Palouse Colony (WA) 1989 Reunion
Scheuerman Reunion, LaCrosse, KS

Vol 11, No.1 (1990)

My Relatives in Russia - E. Unterschultz
Letters from Russia and Kansas (2)
Schmick Search
Immigrants to Germany - 1990
Mary Leinweber at 100
Elizabeth Schmick Obituary

Vol 11, No.2

Saratov Today - Richard Scheuerman
Letters from Russia and KS (3)
7th Day Adventists in Alberta - R. Kaiser
USU LEUT Subscriber Distribution Today

Vol 12, No.1 (1991)

To YP At Last - Richard Scheuerman
Letters from Russia and KS (4)

Vol 12, No.2

Another Trip to YP - Lee McGuire
Schmick Obituaries
YP People in Oshkosh, WI
Rudy Reunion (1991)

Vol 13, No.1 (1992)

Siberian Relief - Richard Scheuerman
Ancestral Visit to Klevenow - M. Kleweno
Russian German Celebration in Calgary - 1991 - Roy Kaiser
Genealogy Researcher in Hesse

Vol 13, No.2

Our Visit to YP - Eva Balderree
Klavano Family - H. Elaine Engel
Poffenroths in Beet Fields - A. Poffenroth
Tour to YP - 1993
New Russian German University in Saratov
Russian German Celebration in Calgary with Alf Poffenroth - 1992
Search for YP Scheuermann Families
Volga German Family Records

Vol 14, No.1 (1993)

Maria Hein Visit - E. Luft
Letters from YP - (1927-1933) c/o Alf Poffenroth
Kleweno Reunion - 1993
Scheuermann Ancestry in Germany (1616-1767)

Vol 14, No.2

Visiting YP and Schoental - W. L. Scheirman
Pangermanism in Argentina - R. Kornschuh Bierig
Barth, Barth or Baht - Eva Balderree

Vol 15, No.1 (1994)

Short Visit to YP - Jack Leonard
Scheirman/Scheuerman Reunions
Visit to Saratov - R. Fink
Ninety Years - Dianne Kniss
Russian German Celebrations in Calgary - 1993

Vol 15, No.2

Visiting the Volga Region - Ken Hartung
Revisiting YP - Eva Balderree
Scheirman Reunion - 1994
Visit to Pobotschnaya - L. Ochs
History of Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Sheboygan, WI
Lydia, Kansas Lutheran Church

Vol 16, No.1 (1995)

YP Experience - R. Weitz
Russian Alphabet
Visit to Hesse (Schotten)
Letters from Russia in 1930s - K. Knack
Frederick Lust Followup - R. Schmick

Vol 16, No.2

Our Visit to YP - D. Dobson
Early History of YP - E.B. Rusho

Vol 17, No.1 (1996)

Visit to Neu Straub (Skatovka) - Lillian Larwig
Precious Freight Under the Mattress - V. Schmidt (Re:A. Pfaffenrot)
Visit to YP - Elsie Cowling
Deceased List

Vol 17, No.2

The Road back from Yagoda - Elizabeth Adler Meyer
My Scheuerman Family - Leo Scheuerman
Little York Clings to Olden Days
Relatives found in Kazakhstan - Robert G. Smick

Vol 18, No.1 (1997)

Visiting Volga German Colonies
Rudy Family History
My Scheuerman Family - L. Scheuerman
Technical Aid to Russia

Vol 18, No.2

On to Oregon - D. Blackmore
Cornelius Cemetery
Story of the Volga German People J. Kromm
My Scheuerman Family - L. Scheuerman
The Famine in Russia 1919-1923

Vol. 19, No. 1

What Happened to Yagodnaya Polyana

Vol. 19, No. 2

Tragedies of Yagodnaya Polyana

A Visit with the Editor

Schmicks Celebrate

Vol. 20, No. 1

A visit to Yagodnaya Polyana in 1999 by Kristen Ball

Saga of a Yagodnaya Polyana Faily by Irinia Holstein

Our Family Life in Kazakstan and Germany by Rosa Scheuermann Brungart

Remaining Living Yagoders

Daughter Colonies of Yagodnaya Polyana and Pobochnoye by Laurin Wilhelm

and W. L. Scheirman

Vol. 20, No. 2

A visit with Johannes & Hilda Schmick & Family by Robert Smick

Alesander Pfaffenroth Delivers Religious Literature to Siberia

Pastor Alexander Scheiermann of Saratov by Horst W. Gutsche

Vol. 21, No.1

A Tribute to Bill Scheirman

Kenny Stugart Makes Third Visit to Yagodnaya Polyana

Chamomile in Schoental (Bill’s last article for Usu Leut)

Germans from Russia in the US Censuses

Vol. 21 No. 1

Maria’s Story – Telling the Truth by Elizabeth Meyer

Searching Canadian Border Crossing Records

Alexander Pfaffenrot by Corlene Smith

2003 AHSGR Convention in Yakima, Washington by Patrice Miller

30 Years of Searching

Pastor Alexander Scheiermann

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