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Yagodnaya Polyana, Russia is located on the bergseite (hilly side) of the Volga River, about 38 miles northwest of Saratov.

Map #1

Map of German Settlements in the Volga by Dr. Karl Stumpp
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>From the Sartov Provincial Register,, No. 31, 1894:
The village of Yagodnaya Polyana...lies about sixty versts (40 miles, 64 km) and from the nearest railway station thrity-five versts (23 miles, 37 km). It is spread out with streets laid out exactly and equally on the slope of a mountain at the foot of w hich flows the small Tshardym River with many small mills, located here and there. On the other side of the river a row of mountains also rises up. Encircled by mountains and overgrown with forest it is not called (Berry Glade) for nothing, for in the g lades of its forests in the summertime are many berries: garden strawberries, wild strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, cherries, boneberries and also many mushrooms: white, brown, butter mushrooms, field mushrooms, nightshade mushrooms, and honey mead ow mushrooms (agaric), which the Germans do not make use of in food, and so leave the growth of them to the mercy of fate...

By the way, about the springs, located in the mountains, Yagodnaya Polyana abounds with springs. What is remarkable about the arrangement of Yagodnaya Polyana is its two springs. The first is located in the center of Yagodnaya Polyana and is a little ov er two versts long and one wide. The other is on the edge of Yagodnaya Polyana...

Map #2

Town Plan of the German Settlement in Russia Jagodnaja District of Poljana 1888
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Map #3

Town Plan and Environs of the Volga German Settlement Jagodnaja Poljana
Province of Saratov, Russia, circa 1900
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