Books and Indexes on Yagodnaya Polyana

Most of these books can be purchased or loaned through interlibrary loan from AHSGR.  Some may be found in your local public or genealogical library.

NEW!  Yagodnaya Polyana, Daughter and Granddaughter Colonies", compiled by Kris Ball.  Cost is $30 US (includes postage and handling).  Over 100 pages of history, personal stories, indexes of founders and later settlers, pictures, maps, books, resources in the US and in Russia and a very comprehensive index of names and places.  Daughter and granddaughter colonies include Pobochnaya, Neu Schoenfeld, Neu Schoental, Neu Yagodnaya, Schoendorf, Schoenfeld, and Schoental.  Send $30 to Kris Ball, 2406 Webster, Dodge City, KS  67801.


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