The Hugoton Police Department started in 1913 when Frank Flummerfelt was hired as City Marshall for the sum of $25.00 per month.  He also had to maintain the city windmill and water well on Main Street. 

Several distinguished men have served in the leadership of the law enforcement of the city of Hugoton, Kansas, over the years. We appreciate their dedication to protect the citizens of our community.



1913-1913    JOHN W. GARDNER

1913-1917    J.W. KEEFER

1917-1917    J.A. MORGAN

1917-1918    D.S. MCCOY

1918-1919    J.W. KEEFER

1919-1920    ALFRED GRAVES

1920-1921    J.J. FREDERICK

1921-1922    FRED KING   

1922-1923    H.M. HOOD

1923-1924    LESTER FARMER

1924-1926    W.S. MORGAN

1927-1928    ROLL OLINGER

1928-1928    SAM FLUMMERFELT

1929-1931    CHARLES H. NEWMAN

1931-1932    D.S. MCCOY

1931-1934    R.E. RICHARDSON

1934-1936    ROSS WILBOURN

1936-1941    LEO BETTSWORTH


1950-1951    LEO BETTSWORTH

1950-1955    ARTHER BAKER

1953-1955    ELMER GREGORY

1955-1957    FRANK CRAWFORD

1957-1959    CLYDE CAMPBELL

1959-1961    DON M. BRUBAKER

1961-1965    CLYDE CAMPBELL

1965-1966    LAWRENCE ROSE

1966-1968    ROBERT GOULD

1968-1971    WILLIE C. CRAIN

1971-1976    CODE H. HALL

1976-1979    RUSSELL HAMBLIN

1979-1980    CALVIN L. MAY

1980-1983    HENRY J. WARREN

1984-1985    R.B. WALTER

1986-2000    DONALD L. BROWN

2000-2003    FREDERICK J. HAGMAN

2003-2003    CALVIN MAY

January 1, 2004-March 14, 2004    FRANCISCO FEDELIN

March 14, 2004-May 9, 2005   CHUCK ALLEN

May 9, 2005 - July 18, 2005    COURTNEY LESLIE

July 18, 2005 - May 5, 2008    STEVE LEWIS

May 5, 2008 - Present  COURTNEY LESLIE




"State militiamen bivouac outside Hugoton, Kansas, in an attempt to stop the town's war with nearby Woodsdale over irregularities in an 1888 election to choose the county seat. Before Hugoton finally emerged as the victor, six men were killed and the militia was called out three times."       Time Life Books The Townsmen



Four men have died in the line of duty in Stevens County. John M. Cross, the Sheriff of Stevens County, was asked to check on some cattle stealing. He deputized three other men, Roland T. Wilcox, Robert Hubbard, and C.W. Eaton. They were ambushed in the night in a rural location near Woodsdale, and the Sheriff died of a gunshot wound on July 25, 1888. This was an offshoot of the Woodsdale-Hugoton County Seat War.

Charles H. Newman, City Marshal, attempted to arrest a male subject for public drunkenness on October 12, 1931 and suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen during the struggle. He died three days later.

Earl J. Kerns, Sheriff of Stevens County, arrested a male subject for public drunkenness and in the process the subject resisted and struck Sheriff Kerns in the chest area. Sheriff Kerns expired later that night on December 13, 1949 from a heart attack.

Code H. Hall, the Chief of Police of the City of Hugoton, was called to assist in a high speed pursuit. Chief Hall suffered a fatal heart attack while in pursuit but did manage to get his patrol car stopped without injury to anyone else. He died on August 25, 1976 at the age of 61.

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