Burglary Prevention


Household Burglary Prevention Tips

Make your home look occupied at all times.
Use motion sensor lights on the exterior of your home.
Lock all outside doors and windows when leaving your home and when going to bed at night.
Keep your garage door closed and locked at all times.
Trim all bushes and trees around your home to prevent hiding places for intruders.
Install solid, sturdy doors with deadbolts on the exterior of your home, and install quality locks on windows.
Do not keep large amounts of cash or valuables or jewelry lying around the house. 
Do not leave messages on your door or on your answering machine indicating that you are not home.
Change locks if your keys are lost or stolen, or when moving into a new home.
Lock garden shed doors and store lawn mowers, barbecues, bicycles, etc. out of sight.
Use curtains on garage door windows and basement windows.
Never hide keys under doormats, flower pots, etc. Burglars know where to look for hidden keys.
Get to know your neighbors. Watch out for suspicious people or vehicles at each other's homes.
Engrave all valuables with your driver's license number or other personal id number.
Video record or photograph the contents of your home with serial and identification numbers. This also helps in the event of fire. Your insurance company may recommend you record the value, purchase date, serial number, etc. to identify property.

When you are away for an extended period of time:

Use timers for your interior lights to come on in the evening and shut off during the day.
Arrange for the Post Office to hold your mail, or for someone to pick up your mail and newspapers for you when you are gone.
Have someone mow your lawn while you are gone.


Auto Theft and Burglary Prevention Tips

Lock your vehicle and close the windows when not in the vehicle.
Never leave your keys in the vehicle when you are away from it.
Park your vehicle in the garage with the garage door shut and locked.
Do not leave your vehicle running while unattended.
Do not keep valuables in the vehicle.
Keep packages, store purchases, etc. in the trunk or out of view while transporting.
Park in a well-lit area.
Do not leave your garage door opener in view in your vehicle. Place it in the glove box or out of sight.
Remove CD player covers or stereo mounts and place in trunk when your vehicle is unattended.
Do not leave your driver's license or registration in the vehicle.


Business Burglary Prevention Tips

Use night lights or leave a light on at night.
Remove money from the cash registers and leave the drawers open while empty.
Secure money in a safe area.
Use motion sensor lights on the exterior of the building.
Keep current inventory records of all contents of the building.
Engrave serial numbers on all valuables and electronics.
Install steel doors or solid core doors, and use deadbolt locks.
Make sure all windows and doors are locked and secure.
Keep the exterior of the building free of hiding places such as bushes, dumpsters, etc.
Install security bars on back doors.
Install a security alarm system and maintain it.




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