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Christmas Pictures of Dogs for Adoption






          Top one is a yellow lab named Isabella

          Middle one is:    German Shepherd Mix names Rexine

          Bottom one is:  Chihuahua named Turbo


If interested in adoption, please call 620-544-4959 M- F 8-5 after hours or weekends call 544-2020.

Females:  $80 Refund $60.00 upon spaying

Males:  $75  Refund of $55 upon neutering


The dogs above are still up for adoption.

You may view information regarding current pets available for adoption at On the left side of the screen is a quick pet search. Enter "dog" under breed, and then enter 67951 as the zip code and hit GO. This will direct you to a list of available dogs with photos included and information about each animal.  If interested in adopting a dog please call 620-544-4959 or 544-2020 or email at:

Animal Control is one of the services offered through the Hugoton Police Department. The animal control officer, Stephanie Smith, is responsible for enforcing all City Animal Ordinances. She is to catch stray animals and transport them to the pound, and maintain records of animals caught, adopted, returned and destroyed. Every effort is made to find homes or rescue organizations for placement of these homeless dogs.

The animal shelter is located at 16th and Washington. Citizens are encouraged to adopt animals from the pound Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. by contacting the police department (544-4959) or email us at:

Adoption fees include $80.00 for females and $60.00 will be refunded after spaying, $75.00 for males and $55.00 will be refunded  after neutering, must have copy of vet bill. You must have the dog spay or neutered within 90 days to get this refund. You may contact the police department for more information on adopting a pet. 

Adopting a pet can be a very rewarding experience for you and your family. Pets can provide companionship, protection, love, bonding, and entertainment. Children and adults alike can benefit from owning a pet. Animals help teach children responsibility for caring for another by requiring time, feeding, watering, walking and exercise, grooming, and shelter.

Click this link to view the city codes pertaining to animals and fowl:

City Codes-Animal


This is just one of the many efforts of Animal Control to encourage families to choose their pets from the pound.

Help Save A Life.  If you want to make a donation to our benevolence fund you may send donations to:  Stephanie Smith, Hugoton Animal Control, P. O. 788, Hugoton, KS  67951.  These proceeds go toward helping the animals in different ways.  For more information contact Stephanie at 544-4959 or email at


Make Your Dog Legal

License Your Dog

    Dog tags are required for canines residing within the city limits. These can be purchased annually for a minimal amount at the City Office located at 631 S. Main. The tags are due in December of each year and must be renewed to be current. Current vaccination and rabies records must be shown to receive your tags.

Dog tax-paid annually

        Spayed female or neutered male                         $1.00

           Unspayed female or unneutered male               $2.50

    Replacement of lost tag                                   $  .50


The animal control officer retrieves dogs that have escaped their boundaries and places them in the pound. There is a $25.00 fee to remove your animal from the pound plus $2.50 a day for feeding and caring for your animal.

The officer can issue tickets for failure to keep your dog in an enclosed area or leashed. 

If you are wanting to release your dog  into the care of the Hugoton Pound, it will cost you $65.00 this fee includes dog food and euthanasia.







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